Why would you choose asphalt?  - Jesse Allen

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Why would you choose asphalt?

Why would you choose asphalt?  - Jesse Allen

Asphalt is a hard material that is today very popular in the construction industry. Asphalt in Edmonton today has several uses from building pavements to building roofs. The main reason why most people and construction companies go for asphalt is because it is strong and durable and it is also relatively cheaper. It is petroleum product that is highly resistant to damage like cracks normally cause by too much pressure, in addtion to being water-resistant.

Asphalt can be used in both industrial and domestic construction but this is determined by the type of asphalt being used. We all know that the amount of damage risks the asphalt used in industrial construction faces is very high compared to asphalt used in domestic construction. Asphalt is in most cases used together with other materials and these are the factors that will determine its strength. 

Asphalt is black in color and this makes it very attractive when used for paving and it is also very easy to maintain. Asphalt is also preferred by many because it is affordable and easy to repair in case it experiences damage. It can also be used in making permanent paints and markers to increase its resistance to rain water and other possible paint removers.